Fashioning new British classics

William Halstead has been famously redefining the boundaries of cloth design and setting new standards of manufacture for well over 100 years – it makes our business thrive.

Our fabrics are used by the finest brands in the world to bring to life their innovative designs and to deliver depth, feel and excitement.

Still weaving in our original mill built by William Halstead himself in 1875, we are world famous for weaving the finest mohair fabrics, but we’re no slouch in traditional worsteds either, translating classic British cloths into the fabric of the future.

Working with Halstead isn’t purely about buying cloth, you’ll have a relationship with a team of passionate account managers and designers who understand the very essence of cloth, and just as importantly, how to collaborate with you to deliver something individual and special, to help you realise your creative vision.

Our expert team travels the world to spend quality time with people like you, to understand your needs and to collaborate, to allow us to deliver a fabric with individuality, flair and style.

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