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Rare and Luxurious

Escorial stands as an extraordinary and exquisite wool, sourced exclusively from the descendants of the Spanish Royal Flocks of El Escorial. In 2012 our partnership with The Escorial Group’ began, and today, proudly standing as preferred manufacturers, intricately weaving the legacy of Escorial into every cloth.

From stock support collections available in cut lengths, to seasonal collections – each cloth is a testament to our dedication in showcasing the exceptional qualities of Escorial wool. Crafting cloth which has become known for its suppleness and fluidity, yet garments made from them hold their shape admirably. 

Their dedicated team have years of experience working in the industry and are skilled with the intricacies of working with Escorial fibres. This shared passion transcends technical proficiency, infusing each stage of production with a commitment to precision and innovation, ensuring that every metre of Escorial cloth maintains its exceptional quality and craftmanship.

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