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This modest family enterprise, which had humble beginnings during World War I, quickly expanded to become a symbol of Yorkshire’s traditional worsted weaving industry.

Selka is still one of the most well-known and enduring British fabric providers in the Middle East, and it also exports fabric to other countries.

Our personal ties, which we have developed over many years of visiting and working with clients, go hand in hand with quality, dependability, service, and trust to produce the ideal items for your market.

Despite having an unparalleled colour selection and an amazing array of plains in all weights and qualities, Selka is most recognised for its Imperial Venetian fabric, which is commonly referred to as simply 323 quality. The best, most well-known, and original fabric obtainable.

With extensive global reach and frequent travel to key Middle Eastern markets, our highly skilled sales and design staff offers unparalleled and specialised collections.

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