William Halstead Blue Heritage Plaque Unveiled

Whilst we are constantly looking to the future, new collections, the next sales trip, new cloth developments; we also appreciate our unique position in the continuum of British textile industrial achievement, represented by the span of time that we have been manufacturing in the same location for over 150 years. Arguably there were bigger factories, more recognised names in the past; however the fact that we have maintained continuity of textile weaving on the same site from the boom time of the industrial revolution to the present day; spearheading the future of textiles in Bradford is to be celebrated. As part of the celebration of our unique place in contemporary British textiles we are proud to announce the recent unveiling of a blue textile heritage plaque to our founder William Halstead. As a tribute to William Halstead and his entrepreneurship during a time of unprecedented opportunity in Bradford when those with bravery and vision could make huge leaps in upward mobility, we reproduce here a eulogy at the time of his death. “Bradford has lost a citizen who has played a prominent part in the spheres of industry and public life by the death of Wm Halstead, Head of the […]

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